Pinebook pro (and other product) pre-order and sales stats?
(08-04-2019, 02:31 PM)Dcjose48 Wrote: I have also signed up on the day the pre order system went live but haven't gotten any emails regarding whether I was successfully signed up. I'm not expecting to be able to pick one up on the first batch but I think an email just providing an update where we stand in the queue would have been good. All that aside, I'm very much looking forward to pick one of these up whenever I can.

Not sure but two points already mentioned. 

Some new users have problems getting email notifications (spam filters)

Luke posted in another location if you submit your request again, you will see if you already entered or not. (Most recent reports they have not exhausted batch 2 so don't worry)
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I love my Pinebook and I am looking forward to when my PBP arrives. I'm not willing to give my Pinebook 11.5 anytime soon but I have foster kiddos in my house and would like the opportunity to buy one or more Pinebooks going forward. One of the foster kids has really picked up coding and would probably do better if she had a Pinebook of her own. The kids are sharing a computer and a few PI3's currently. Where should I be looking to get more information for the Pinebook sales or if they are going to be produced again??

Thank you


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