Update 22.02.2019 Feature-complete Debian build - SDIO WiFi/BT / PCIe / 3D / 2D
Updated Debian Minimal Release for Rockpro64 today and Rock64 earlier this week:

Kernel Updates:
  • CDN-DP firmware loading fixed
  • AUFS drivers embedded into kernel
  • LOTS of additional mainline back-ports and custom fixes
  • Improved Networking Performance
  • Additional drivers included in kernel, including (but not limited to):
  1. LOTS of networking stuff, such as VLAN and IPv6
  2. Requirements for DOCKER containers
  3. RAID support

ROCKPRO Specific Updates:
  • Suspend and Resume support is now included
  • Additional PCIe driver fixes - Gen2 training now works
  • Additional Intel PCIe drivers
How does this kernel differ from ayufan’s kernels?
Fantastic MrFixit, Have been looking forward to this. Thank you very much for all the hard work! Smile

Quote: How does this kernel differ from ayufan’s kernels?

That's actually what I was wondering about as well at this point. They're both based on Debian stretch and feature-wise they are largely the same as well as far as I can tell.
PinePhone (BH 2GB + CE 3GB) // RockPro64 4GB (rev. 2.1) - OMV NAS // PineH64 3GB (model B) - off-prem OMV NAS // Pine64-LTS 2GB (rev. 1.2 + Playbox) - Domotics server
I just tested this image yesterday and was happy to see that is worked quite well. It resolved the PCIe issues I had where previews versions would tell me the connected disks have table issues and can't be mounted.

I still need to play around with it but so far this is the best image I found for what I want out of the RP board.
Thank you all for your feedback! To address the kernel question - there's actually a large amount of differences, but the primary difference I would outline is that I have taken the time to back port a lot of commits from later kernels or from mainline. There's also different configs - and therefore different modules and drivers included. Additionally, ayufan's builds use a different partitioning table than I am using.

Different builds will work better for different users, so I always encourage you to try both to determine what best fits your needs.
I have mine running a prerelease build openmediavault build from ayufan and switched APT to debian testing so I could do time machine backups over samba. I had a few incidents where the drives would unmount themselves but it hasn’t happened in a while so I’m guessing it’s fixed. Ayufan lists backporting mainline fixes too.

I use mine to host Plex, time machine backups, drive a few 3D printers, running homebridge and as a dumping ground for big files me and my roommates want to keep but not take up space on our portable devices. How would your kernel compare to ayufans in such a use case?

I’m not trying to be a dick. I’m genuinely curious. There can never be too much attention on supporting hardware, but when there are two different solutions created by two different developers rather than two developers working on one unified solution, there must be some technological differences.

PCIe issues have been resolved!

In response to further kernel questions - feel free to download both sources and run a diff for yourself. There's literally too many to actually list. Another is that I'm at 4.4.171.
Updated release:
- Kernel Updated to 4.4.180
- Additional Kernel Fixes
- U-Boot patched to fix weird issue where only some EMMC modules will not boot

Special thanks to y0sh for being the only volunteer to help test solutions to the emmc issue, as I was unable to reproduce it myself
Still not working for me.

No pcie card detected on boot and no network when there's a card in the pcie slot.
And with card in the pcie slot it seems to lockup after boot (my keyboard doesn't work when plugged directly into the rockpro so cannot login and no cursor at the login prompt).


Also a custom built kernel keeps crashing on armbian with a card in the pcie slot. Without a card in the slot it appears to boot and work ok.
What I'm looking for is GCC with NEON support .
And, not a cross compiler, so must run on the RockPro64.

Reason: LPCnet and the FreeDV project.

Any pointers please?

And yes, I loaded mrfixit2001's Debian minimal image on 1st June 2019

Alan B

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