cluster casing based on removable modules

I want to share my work - scalable casing system with removable board containers. Ready to 3D printing using ABS or PLA,  easy assembly without any screws. Available in many variants - stand-alone, elegant, scalable. Compatible with other board.

Project files here:

[Image: 1c894aae9f6ccd775c0b090a8d42cc21_preview_featured.JPG][Image: 0e35c8892472e0c87cc2c1943a3dbd17_preview_featured.JPG][Image: f55e60ca17d58aa6b94a98943ae5a1df_preview_featured.jpg][Image: 10145359b7cc1cb3c7e13c541b417c26_preview_featured.JPG]
Thanks for sharing - that looks awesome!
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

(01-10-2019, 04:08 PM)Luke Wrote: Thanks for sharing - that looks awesome!

Nice to read that Smile

This is "fine" version:
[Image: 1cd98bd7c6423182b2bf599740d54366_preview_featured.jpg]

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