Nice third-party cases for Rock64 and Pine A64/ LTS
Just saw these nice cases the other day on twitter and thought its worth sharing on here.
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(01-03-2019, 08:49 AM)Luke Wrote: Just saw these nice cases the other day on twitter and thought its worth sharing on here.
I just ordered two. Will post a review here once I get them.

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I received 2 of the Rock64 cases yesterday. So far, they look really nice. I won't have a chance to install them for a couple of weeks, but will post here with an update when I get them set up.

Doing just a test fit, the board fits snug and it looks like everything lines up. The fan it's pretty thin, but I don't think the heat sink will fit under it.

I have a pretty good feeling about these and look forward to getting my Rock64's installed in them.

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KKSB makes WONDERFUL cases for PINE64 boards. I'll be doing some tests on Category5 Technology TV over the next while, so be sure to check in if you want a good solid case (they're steel!)
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