Individual SOPINE Power On After Shutdown?
On the clusterboard v2.2 the reset button won't restart shutdown SOPINE modules - they stay off with a dim PL7 green light. Any suggestions to restart individual SOPINEs? 

I'm leaning toward shorting the VCC and GND on the jumper pins beside each SOPINE. I could rig each set of jumpers with a toggle switch. Any suggestions on the best way to do this without harming my SOPINEs?
Maybe I'm not understanding you right, but typically shorting VCC directly to GND in any environment is a bad idea.

I would also like to know if there is a way to power on individual SOPINEs after they've been shutdown. As you mention, shorting pin 4 (RESET) to ground does not trigger a power-on, although it does force-reboot a running SOPINE. I've tried pin 5, which is labeled PWR_ON, but neither shorting it to ground nor VCC seem to have any effect. Unless I'm just doing it wrong...
PWR_ON to GND works for me, but it needs to be held low for a few seconds.

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