4K Success?

I'm trying to get my monitor to run at 4K (3840x2160) over either HDMI or USB-C using a DisplayPort adapter, but having no luck.

For USB-C/DP. I get no image when booting.

For HDMI, the system boots, but xrandr and the LXDE monitor settings app do not detect 3840x2160 as a resolution (maxes out at 1920x1080).  I have used this monitor with this cable at 4K resolution on an Asus Tinkerboard also running lubuntu, so I feel confident that the monitor supports the resolution.

Does anyone have any pointers for either get USB-C/DP to work at all, or HDMI to detect 4k?

I had success with HDMI and LXDE Desktop (too ugly in 4k) and with Bionic Containers images (after installing ubuntu-desktop with apt-get and some dpkg reconfigure to fix some issues while opening gnome-terminal).

I follow the must up-voted response here:

Passing a custom resolution of "3840x2160_60.00" in HDMI-1.
https://github.com/dibrz/ARMBand easily maintain an ARM64 media server

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