Install seems to always corrupt
I have a really strange problem. 
I got the 4gb version with the 16G emmc module and the flasher from the store and am using etcher. 

Every time I flash an image and plug it into the rock64 to boot, it sometimes doesn't boot at all, sometimes I get some screen output and sometimes it just works. 
But even when it works the rock64 will hang after a few hours to a few days. When I then restart it I'm presented with some console out again but it hangs before it gets into the OS. 

Here is a picture of the how the hanging console output looks after the last "corruption". 

[Image: PKZcoT.jpg]

Any idea if this might be a problem with the emmc module or the rock64 itself?
(btw should I remove the 16G sticker from the emmc module?)
If you are using etcher in Windows, have you "eject" the emmc before unplug it ?

Also you can try to boot the sdcard, and install the system to the emmc by :

curl -L  | unxz -c > /dev/mmcblk0
Putting the OS onto the emmc works (some of the time)

The problem is that if it works and I setup my system nicely, it will corrupt after a few hours/days and display something like in the picture. Either after a manual reboot or a crash

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