A seemingly dead Pinebook.
I have had my Pinebook delivered to me after a pre-order. 
I put it away whilst it was on sleep a few months ago. 
I have tried to restart it and it's totally dead. 
I have checked the charger and left it plugged in for 72 hours. Still nothing. 
I was told that the battery may be totally dead and "not making the circuit."
Has anyone else had this problem? Are new batteries available?
do a search on dead pinebook batteries. there are specific steps you need to take to try and restore it. it is not fun or easy but all the info is on the forum.
Could you provide me with a link? I am not used to forums.
the search box in the upper right corner. type dead pinebook batteries into that search box and then press enter or click on search.
you will be presented with a series of links to threads that discuss the issue and a few that discuss a possible cure. you need to do a bit
of work.
I've just done that. The results where useless!!!

Three links to this post and three to "How to write image to emmc module on the pinebook."

And nothing on the problem I actually posted about!
Can anyone be of any real help?
(04-16-2018, 10:33 AM)frank-zappa Wrote: And nothing on the problem I actually posted about!
Can anyone be of any real help?

here are 2 threads for pinebook with flat battery - you have to open your pinebook Sad

1.) My Pinebook have been arrived, but cannot be charged
1st Thread

2.) Zero Energy when arriving?
2nd Thread

(04-15-2018, 07:42 PM)dkryder Wrote: do a search on dead pinebook batteries.

better is a search for "flat battery"  Angel
yeah, the emmc thread has a link to the flat battery thread. if someone would learn to read the issues would be much easier to find a fix. spoon feed if you want i prefer to get members to do the work.

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