Rock64 as VLC playlist center
I've been trying to make this application work on a Raspberry Pi 3 for about 3 months now to little effect, seemingly due to hardware limitations, and so now have been researching other, more powerful SCBs. The Rock64 looks beefy enough but I want to make sure the software will work before I purchase.

Here's my application:

My band uses VLC media player to display our visuals on stage, up until now through a laptop with HDMI out, and controlling a playlist through the keyboard and/or USB footpedal. The reason we use VLC is for its "pause on last frame" feature which is key to our performance and unavailable on any other media player. Our current laptop is running down and I'm hoping to replace it with an SCB as a dedicated device and for portability and cost-effectiveness.

The problem I've encountered with Pi 3 is that, though VLC can be compiled and play HD video in a playlist, the transition between videos isn't gapless and displays the desktop briefly between videos. Not very presentable for a concert.

I'd like to know if anybody has a Rock64 running VLC that can test this for me and let me know what RAM capacity they have, OS they're running etc. Any help is appreciated!

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