How do you guye s charge your PB
Right now I'm using a 2A wall wort + USB to barrel connector. I really like this configuration because I can use the wall wort to charge my phone + eReader as well, so I don't have to carry around multiple chargers.

But it seems that when I'm using the PB it doesn't actually charge. Based on the battery capacity and lifetime of the PB I can't imagine it used more than ~1A, so it should be able to shunt current into the battery during use no?

Is there a little script or app that I can use to view power consumption / charge current etc... ?
You can easily write a script ; take a look in :


things like uevent, status, capacity, current_now, temp, voltage_now, etc
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Cool thanks! I've noticed there is a '/sys/class/power_supply/ac' but those files are all empty. I'm interested at looking at the input current to the entire device. Is there a way to set the charge current? I don't think my pb is using the full capability of my power brick.

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