Hello, I need help with setting up HTPC and NAS on rock64. When I installed Linux, I knew set up NAS (open media vault), but the videos did not play smoothly. On the Android video was good for me, but I can not set up the NAS again.

Would you help me set up Linux so that videos can be played good on 4k and youtube in fullHD too?

Spotify does not work on rockchip, so I tried it through a web player that does not work either on browsers for me.

Thanks for help, and sorry for my english.
Existing Linus distribution, where i can play videos in 4K resolution fluency?
No; maybe next year.
Depends on what it is exactly that you want. You can have SMB + other storage-related services running in LibreElec, thereby effectively making it a network attached storage. 
If you want the OMV front-end, then perhaps you can use the OMV image to and install xorg + all dependencies (see Kwiboo's and LongChair's gits) and build Kodi ...  

In short - you probably can, it will just take some tinkering.
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I use a Rock64 for that (took over from an Orange Pi plus) I use SAMBA for file shares with other computers, Owncloud for remote access to files and for media serving, Minidlna. Works great, especially with the USB3 support. I also cheat horrendously by using Webmin to administer the system rather than having to ssh into the Rock64 as I run it headless. As for playback, I do not like to add the extra burden, so I use the minidlna to serve to an amazon firestick and a 'smart' blue ray player.
I wan to use my rock64 for playing fullHD movies on my old TV. Maybe in future in 4K when i buy a new TV. I wanto to use as HTPC and NAS (samba server) to share my 4x 1TB HDD.
At this moment i use for this an old PC with windows 10.
I need only KODI, Spotify and share my HDDs. Sometimes watch something on youtube in fullHD.

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