Opera.com issues...
I'm not sure what is going on here, but I cannot get to Opera.com from my Pinebook. It keeps redirecting to the mobile site and then looping. Different computer, same network, no problem. What is going on here? Just trying to download opera on my pinebook.

EDIT: Apparently this is only a problem in the stock Ubuntu Mate load. Both browsers, firefox and chromium, redirect on Opera's website.
are you somehow suggesting that this could be hardware specific?
it shouldn't even be operating system specific... what is your web browser's useragent string?
maybe you should just spoof that and maybe also disable javascript.
but again, i do not see how this would have anything to do with the pinebook itself or even its ubuntu version.

actually, duh, scratch all that.
these are precompiled binaries you're trying to download, and i doubt very much that opera has compiled them for aarch64.

so: no opera.
I know it sounds really weird, and you're right, they don't have pre-compiled binaries for arm. None the less, it only happens on the Ubuntu Mate install for the Pinebook. Really strange.
then their website is broken.

it's probably somehow triggered by different useragent strings, or other system data you're willingly handing over when you don't disable javascript.

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