found fix for man
So straight out of the case the pinebook wouldn't show any man pages.  It would say page ?/? like it didn't have any data for anything.  

I tried loading or re-loading man-db (sudo apt install man-db) with no difference.  Even a "sudo mandb -c" looked promising with 6000+ pages added but nothing would display.  Finally a "sudo apt --reinstall install groff groff-base" fixed it.  

I was close when I tried to install nroff and troff.  I kept getting a troff failed message sometime after I did a man.  When I went into console mode it would say man ended with code 2 and nroff would be at the end of the long string of commands above it.

I guess I need to do that kernel upgrade to get rid of the flickering and flashing/tearing of the screen.  I thought apt upgrade would do that but I read somewhere here that it doesn't update boot or kernel.
Nice work !

Thank you.

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