ARM Trusted Firmware and date time related problems
Hello, I have a Pine64 with 1GB RAM and GBE.

I use Ubuntu on the Pine64. The kernels and roots created by longsleep and ARMBIAN (based on longsleep work).

I use Pine64 as a headless server, but regardless the use of ntpd or timesyncd, system clock always forward and loose time sync.

Hardware clock appear to be correct, but once the system clock forward no other command could set to correct time.

In less than 24h the time forward no less than 16 minutes.

Talk about it on IRC, apritzel user, point me that the root of the problem could be ARM Trusted Firmware, but he said that longsleep fix it in the past.

How could I check if my ARM Trusted Firmware is updated ? How could I update it ?

I found this repository

[url=][/url]It has 4 branches and I do not know how to install on a running system.

Someone could help me ?

Hi Gasz2,

from what I know arm-trusted-firmware-pine64 gets merged with u-boot. So, if you update your bootloader you'll be also getting the latest arm-trusted-firmware-pine64.

if i remember correctly the update scripts are in /usr/local/sbin
Same problema, system clock forward. An the "timedatectl status", start to report, after some hours, NTP synchronized: no 

Now I am trying with the original uboot and kernel 3.10.65-7 that comes with the Ubuntu image from longsleep.

If it works some days I´ll try to update kernel but not the uboot.

UPDATE: Original uBoot and kernel 3.10.65-7 has the same problem on my Pine64. system clock forward while hardware clock remains sync.

Regards, Gustavo.
Finally I can report the iusse and my actual solution.

The system clock goes out of sync. Always step forward. I use ntp every hour to stay in sync. But this solutions only work when I use a fixed cpu clock speed.
When I use mainline kernel, the cpu is working always at the same speed 816Mhz. When I work with legacy kernel, I must use cpufrequtils to fix the cpu clock speed.

I'm actuallky testing to use a min value of 816Mhz and a Max value of 1,15Ghz

But if I use min value of 408Mhz and Max value of 1,15Ghz the clock step forward in a way that using ntpd could not step backware the system clock

I use a heatskin on the processor and power the board with the euler connector. The board has 1GB RAM and the gigabyte ethernet is working flawlessly.

My board is the only one affectec with this bug ?

Regards, Gustavo.

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