Please share your experience about recharging PP
My second battery went poofed.  That is two batteries in 16 months.  The original battery lasted
11 months.  No PP for 1 month.  The second "Samsung clone" battery lasted 4 months. 

The second battery acted up a month ago.  I tried moved (recharging PP) from old power strip to
a surge protector and thought that solved the problem.  Now battery is dying.

The first battery, I did USB charging for awhile.  Thought it was too slow and moved to the old
power strip.  Battery lasted longer, but still died.


Can you share your experience in recharging PP?  Does surge protector helps?  Or slow USB charging
is best?  Or what?  Any tip on recharging PP so that battery lasts longer?

Burning a battery every 1/2 year is not pleasant.

Thank in advanced for your story.

No issues here. I have used the phones for multiple years with multiple charges. 

Device: PinePhone 32Gig (Used for building packages)
Device: PinePhonePro (Daily driver)
OS: DanctNIX Arch with Phosh
Location: USA
No issues here either.

I’m still using the original battery (2021) and occasionally the keyboard case; I bought a cheap charger according to the wiki specs and using the cable that came with it.
Satisfied PinePhone, Pinebook Pro & PineTab2 owner; Thank you Pine64Team for your work!  Smile

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