Pinebook Pro Plus (upgraded Pinebook Pro)
No, it doesn't exist yet. I'm just pitching an idea.

What if the Pinebook Pro was upgraded to 8 gigs of memory with an upgraded CPU. Maybe something like the Quartz64 spec.

And it was offered in a few colors, maybe adding white and grey to the current black.

Everything else could stay the same. I'm happy with the keyboard, trackpad, peripherals, and monitor.

And it cost maybe $350-$375.

I would buy it.

What other competition exists at that price that is ARM based?

I have no idea what is involved in making a laptop though, so maybe I'm way off base.
even 8GB is kinda low these days, with that amount of money people are just buying old Thinkpads or

Pine64 may help there, I wonder if they can come up with modern upgrade components for those ancient beasts, eg RAM. I even fantasize that someday pine64 produces a small sideboard like the one inside pinebook pro but will be used with Thinkpad instead to provide modern usb type-c ports. Sounds crazy but that's my dream haha.
8 GB is enough for standard business needs, LibreOffice & such; I was able to demonstrate that with the PineTab2 & now I’m spending my Friday installing Arch on our previous (Windows X version) team laptops.
Satisfied PinePhone, Pinebook Pro & PineTab2 owner; Thank you Pine64Team for your work!  Smile
I run LibreOffice on a 2Gb machine. By the time we get 8, 32 will be pretty much necessary. The touchpad might be my biggest, maybe only real gripe about the PBP. A Trackpoint would interest me. Someday I might figure a way to modify one of mine.

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