Suggestion for a (cheap, waterproof) jog dial
Hi all,

I'm a coding ignoramous who was bowled over reading about Wasp OS and some of the effectively live-coding videos on youtube.  Reminded me of my brother teaching himself to code on a Psion. I felt like the device is simple enough not to intimidate me (and for me to really grok the device and the code), so I bought one.  If I ever get around to learning to code it'll probably be for my PineTime!  My hats off to all the engineers, both hardware and 'software', including the folks at home learning-on and noodling-away-at these.  The work you publish even on forums like this is an inspiration.

Used my pinetime in the pool today.  Swipe inputs v difficult.  I wished I had a jog dial to scroll through options.  I imagine to be cheap and waterproof it would just be a magnetometer of some kind at the edge of the circuit board.  The edge of the case would have a knob which was, internally, a disc studded with tiny magnets, so that turning it would be detected by the magnetometer along with the direction of the turning.  If the screen was on (IE I was interacting with the watch), then it would listen for the turning of the knob.

Were it to be on a depressible button, behind a silicone cap, then the jog dial could also be used as a push-button.

I dream of a future where my phone tells my watch when I'm in work (GPS &/or wifi network recognition) and the applets accessible from the main screen are ones for dealing with work emergencies, as opposed to driving (car bluetooth recognition, when I might want a watch-face play/pause button or some such), or in the pool (touchscreen off, button and jogdial input only, and ready access to the metronome app for pacing and an app that sums up the duration my arms flail about in the pool to help me log it on my phone)... I'm sure others would have other suggestions!

Well, nowt like a half-baked idea to make the mind turn over.  Maybe the PCB just needs the magnetometer adjacent the strap connection, and someone makes an aftermarket dial baked into the watchstrap.  Hopefully something I could submit for consideration in case a PineTime Mk II is ever considered.

Yours with thanks,

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