Mobian USB transfer
How can I transfer a file to my PinePhone Pro running Mobian over USB?

I am reading this article which tells me to download and install some wifi drivers. It says if I have lost network (which I appear to have) then download the files on a computer and transfer them to the PPP over USB. But that doesn't appear to be possible.
You can use a USB stick to transfer the file, or a microSD card, or (assuming you have Tow-Boot installed on the SPI, which is the factory default for PinePhone Pro phones ordered after July 2022 and can be done manually for older ones, but I believe Mobian requires that anyway, does it not?) you can reboot the phone into Tow-Boot USB Mass Storage mode by holding the volume up button at startup before and during the second vibration, then connect your phone to the computer via USB and mount the eMMC partitions on the computer like a USB stick, allowing you to just copy the file to the partition.
Thanks, the mass storage mode worked.

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