PBP Debian 11 GRUB install error
Hi all.

I have a Pinebook pro with SPI tow boot flashed.

I'm trying to install Debian 11 on eMMc from the official stable release. At the end, GRUB installation ends with an error.

After this failure, the installation media stops loading, and I flash it again every time.

I tried installing rEFInd on the ESP partition, but it doesn't seem to work, all drivers say "program has returned 0" and then reboot.

Installing GRUB from chroot doesn't work either.

I know the new release of Manjaro boots in uEFI mode using GRUB, how can I get Debian to do the same?

So, I was able to manually make changes to the boot partition and GRUB now starts up.

But after selecting Debian, the boot process starts and I only see a black screen.

Any ideas?
I solved all the problems, Debian is installed from the official image, Tow-boot loads GRUB from which Debian starts normally.

Thank you all for your help Smile

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