is there a new version of pine installer for windows 10, can please share a link
i have been having issues getting android working on my Pine A64-LTS, im using windows 10 on my laptop to flash the images,
its a new pine board, new lcd screen,
i have tried Android 7 and 6, using 2 different 64gb and 2 different 32gb micro sd cards, and a 64gb emmc, i get a blank screen or the pine splash screen, but none load the os, i have tried both ayufan images and the official images, i have tried using the newer version and an older version of etcher and win32 disk imager, i have also tried the pine installer but it errors out when i go to flash the image, all my cards get corrupted too, i have tried about 30 times with different cards and readers, im not sure what the problem is,

is there a new version of pine installer for windows 10, can someone please share a working link or links to working android images
i have a update on this , i got it booted on android 6, with the EMMC
i used the pine64 installer on a different computer with windows 8.1, i had to run it in compatibly mode for windows 7 with admin access,
i used a 16gb micro sd and the image i used was the micro sd -> to emmc, i haven't tried any other images yet but will try over the next few days, there where no changes done to the pine64 so the problem seems to be a windows compatibly issue with the flashing software, i noticed the pine64 installer is a x86 application

the Android 6, SD-> EMMC image still doesn't support the camera,
i had this issue with my previous setup too so i will flash a 64gb micro sd with android 6 and see if that fixes that issue, it did with my previous setup, its a bit of a bummer that after this many years on the market the software for this is still sub par

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