Does anybody repair pinebook pro laptops for a fee?

I have enjoyed both the feature set and the DIY flavor of my pinebook pro 14.
I have taken the machine apart several times,
one memorable time to replace the keyboard.
And it worked!

That was a year or two back.
Recently I spilled water on the keyboard.  My bad.
It won't boot.
Some suggested that, whereas the keyboard may be zotched,
the emmc 'virftual' disk may be recoverable,
for example by using an emmc usb 2.0 adapter to copy the emmc.

I think that I am hitting my DIY hardware limits!
Is there someone out there who can talk me through a process of fixing my machine,
or is there someone out there who might diagnose and fix it for a reasonable fee,
relative to what I paid for it:  $200.00 new.


Tsvi Bar-David
Berkeley CA

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