quartz64 model b 2x20 pin header
can you provide the manufacturer and model number for the 2x20 pin header that is soldered onto the quartz64 model b?
I don't know the precise model number, but it's generic 2.54mm spacing, so there's a lot of manufacturers to choose mating connectors from.

If you want a mating connector that stacks (i.e. the pins are long enough to poke out the other side of the PCB), then SSQ-120-03-G-D should fit, but I'm sure there's cheaper options. For example this one looks good for $1, though isn't gold plated.

That's all of course assuming you're trying to build a board that plugs into the Quartz64 Model B and were trying to find mating connectors. If not, I apologise for the needless noise. Smile

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