Dash-to-dock OR Cairo-dock desktop
I am using xenial BSP image on my 2gb board. Now,I'd like to install or Dash-to dock or Cairo-dock. I can able to install cairo-dock but I have to run from the dashboard at every boot . I like to keep it permanent by using unity. So I have installed Unity-tweek-tool but its not showing up on my GUI and I cant select to change my desktop. Is it possible for me to use any one of these?  Also, I like to use these in Debian too.

Unity-tweek-tool, when I click launch from the software, it gives me error of notify-osd package missing. ANy idea.

Try to install notify-osd package;

sudo apt-get install notify-osd

(07-11-2016, 08:33 AM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: Try to install notify-osd package;

sudo apt-get install notify-osd


I tried that but it gave me error E: unable to find....
You can use docky (sudo apt-get install docky) on ubuntu --- doesn't work on the debian img however.
You can also use plank

Hope this helps
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