Gembird USB Typ-C to HDMI has no HDMI output when connected to PinePhone PostmarkedOS

The Gembrid USB to HDM adapter can also be found on Aliexpress (with a different name)

Martijn Braam wrote here in the forum about another usb-c apapter with VGA output:

«In theory any dock that uses usb-c displayport alt-mode for the video ports should work (which most are). The usb3.0 is a bit useless since the usb connection on the PinePhone is only 2.0. «

The Gembird USB Typ-C adapter shows a blue light to indicate that it receives power from the phone, but there is no HDMI signal when connected to a HDMI monitor. We plugged it into a PinePhone running PostmarketOS.
13.7.22 update:

- plug in an usb mouse is working
- removing usb mouse and replacing by usb keyboard is working
- mouse and keyboard together not working since to little adapters
- PinePhone charges when power over usb is provided

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