Terrible phone audio
I have awful phone audio in both directions. It's true on Arch Phosh and was true on Manjaro Plasma. Could it be Mint? I'm thinking of changing to Verizon, which has better reception in my area. The Verizon sales person gave me a neutered SIM and it showed a connection to the local Verizon network. I do have decent music through Firefox, btw, so it's not an audio failure in general. I have set Mint to ultra/wholesale for both os's.
I had pretty good call quality on my end with my PPP, it was really loud if my speaker was too high though. I was told that my audio quality was atrocious on the recipients end. Ended up having to stop using as my daily because I couldn't find a good fix and I make a lot of calls for work. I am on Verizon btw.

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