PineTime Touch Screen Stopped Working
Hello All,
I am running InfiniTime
FW 1.8.0
HW 1.0.0
all had been going well with the watch since I got it until today when the touch screen stopped working. I have been running 1.8.0 since Feb 21. I have tried rebooting by holding the power button, I tried installing the 1.9.0 version on InfiniTime hoping that would reset things but the touch screen still is not working. The power button still works and I can still connect it to Gadgetbridge.  It is a sealed watch so I have no access to the internals.  My current plan is to let the battery die and see if that will reset anything.  Please let me know if you have any recommendations and I will post again if anything changes.
So the battery died then I charged it up and there was no change. Any ideas on what I should try next?
maybe it's make sense to open a ticket under
hello. in my case, every time the clock warmed up in the sun, the touchscreen stopped working. heating did not last long. I'm inclined to believe that the touchscreen deteriorates from heating or soldering falls off somewhere inside Sad even from not very high heat (I live in the north and there is no heat here) Sad terribly upset .. two hours out of three died. all sealed and I can't open them.. Sad

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