Brand new Pinecil worked for 30mins - now screen dead and glows red hot!

I've seen many similar posts - but thought I'd add my experience in the hope this gets escalated and flagged.

New Pinecil - using USB-C. Worked perfectly using USB until it said low power. Then switched over to barrel PS 12V. Again, working for 20 mins. Then, the screen went blank and the unit became unresponsive. The body becomes warm when connected to Max laptop USB (when I tried to connect with the latest firmware updater - no connection). Nothing with USB-C. Glows red hot when connected to the barrel PS. A fire hazard(!).

I've submitted a ticket and will report back with progress.

It's disappointing to hear this is so common. I wish I had checked this forum before buying the unit.

Cheers, Paul
Exact same thing happened to me work great for the first two three hours the next day red hot I thought it was cuz I tried a different tip but it's common now I don't know why they're not posting any type of corrective action
(02-06-2022, 05:24 PM)clipclop Wrote: I'd add my experience in the hope this gets escalated and flagged.

Why not contacting the store support?

When you order directly via, you get 30 days warranty. Claim your warranty, and encourage all others to do so, too. So they will have costs as long as they do nothing about it.

(I am just waiting to receive mine, let's see.)
Live volunteer active channel is in discord but has bridge to other comms too. many of the most active volunteers don't check these forums, it is a fluke I happen to be in here today looking for something else.
Links to join live Pine64/pincil chat is in Pinecil Wiki Pages.

Once you submit your ticket to support come to live chat and volunteers around will help you diagnose. Good to have Specs on your Charger exact specs Volts/amps/watts, and also having a Multimeter around will help too.

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