XFS Support?
I can see a commit to enable XFS as a module but I cannot find the module.

root@pine3:/var/log/ceph# find /lib/ -name "*xfs*" -print | wc -l

root@pine3:/var/log/ceph# modprobe xfs
modprobe: FATAL: Module xfs not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.102-0-pine64-longsleep

Is there some other way to install XFS support?

Thanks @longsleep for your continued hard work!
I just build XFS as a module based on the latest longsleep kernel, so I guess it's just a question of enabling it in the config for the next release...
Come have a chat in the Pine IRC channel >>
No, if you enable xfs then other stuff is disabled. Check the commit history - I had it enabled before.

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