Any UK Pinephone users making telephone calls?
Hi There.
Posted in Software and think this might now be a hardware issue.
I have used an EE and 3 sim in the pinephone and tested it on Manjaro Phosh, KDE, Ubuntu Touch and Mobian.

Always the same results. Calls go to my other mobile and it can call, and connect to my Pinephone. There is no audio heard or received at either end.

The microphone works - tested on speech recorded. The speaker works - tested on music/video playback....

Any thought? Would love to know if anyone has used these sim providers/setups and actually had a successful call. Then I know i can speak to Pine64 about a replacement..


Can you get text messages (SMS)?
(01-20-2022, 05:36 PM)g40 Wrote: Can you get text messages (SMS)?

Hi G40,

Yes i can send and receive texts.
I get a ring notification and ringer sound when someone calls it too... Just no audio - or scratchy/garbled audio totally unintelligible..

Thanks for the help..

(01-17-2022, 12:27 PM)GrapeJuice Wrote: Would love to know if anyone has used these sim providers/setups and actually had a successful call. Then I know i can speak to Pine64 about a replacement..

I've literally just got my PinePhone making phone calls myself. The combination which worked for me was a 1pMobile SIM (uses the EE network) and Mobian Phosh 20210517. For some reason the stock Manjaro KDE OS had problems registering with the network with the same SIM.

Before that, I tried an ID Mobile SIM (uses the Three network) but that wasn't even detected on any of the OSes I tried - they all reported the SIM slot was emtpy. I don't know if that was just a faulty SIM or a more general problem with either ID Mobile or all Three network SIMs.
There is something wrong - I have had calls for most of the (2 years?) since I got my PinePhone(s), first on Virgin (O2 in those days), then 3, most recently iDmobile (which is 3).

You problems sound like day 1 of my PinePhone 2 years ago: with a current Mobian or Arch install I have no issues and the default sound setup is fine. Is your modem firmware up to date?
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