Development build 805 is great
It's been a while since I used my pine phone (original ubports editing). Decided to dust it if yesterday, installed the latest stable build I could find, then updated too the latest development build. 805 has been working great. Now that I have not tested any cellular functionally, but everything else seems to work great. I was able to add a Google account. Now my calendar,
 and contacts are up to date. The Gmail app works. The music player works (on board speaker is not great, but pair it to a bt speaker and it sounds great. That leads me to the next point, Bluetooth seems to work. Wifi works and stays connected with the screen off. The only problem with the wifi seems to be that it promptis for a password when you leave the wifi range and come back. Battery seems pretty good, although having it on overnight, even in sleep will drain it. Maybe soon work is still need on deep sleep.

I was also able to install syncthing and get it to sync my music to my SD card. Awesome.

I just downloaded and installed 807. Will give that a whirl and report back if I notice and differences.

One more thing. The main camera seems to work, at least it opens and shows the preview. I can't switch to the selfie camera though. Quality is not great, but I don't think it's a super high res camera anyway

Plex app works,although the interface is not pretty like on Android or desktop, I was able to start a movie and it played flawlessly. One problem is that the screen kept going blank when it ruined it. Would be great if it was smart enough to prevent sleep when a video is playing.

The GPS doesn't seem to work. Not sure if you still have to do the work around, but I tried both pure maps and unav. They both start, but neither one could find the GPS.

So I tried the GPS work around, but no joy. Unav still gets stuck waiting for GPS. So it looks like that still doesn't work on 809
Are calls and data working ?

The last time I tried UBPorts I could call out, but I could not pick up for an incoming calls. and I could not enter the APN in settings for data.
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(01-17-2022, 03:12 AM)bcnaz Wrote: Are calls and data working ?

The last time I tried UBPorts I could call out, but I could not pick up for an incoming calls. and I could not enter the APN in settings for data.

Sorry, I don't have service on my pine Phoenix at the moment. So far it's turning out to be a nice little computer, but I don't know about being a mobile device.
That's good to hear. I think I tried an update about 2-3 months back and it was better than before but also things like typing in SMS had a slight delay and the UI was a bit sluggish. After that I just stopped testing it because if the texting UI is sluggish then that's enough for me to not want to try more. I am glad they are making progress though.

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