Replacing watch strap
Is it possible to replace the strap on the sealed unit?
(09-03-2021, 08:35 AM)captainmorgan Wrote: Is it possible to replace the strap on the sealed unit?

Yes, there are little metallic tabs on the bottom side that you can turn and pull to take out the wrist band. It can be replaced with standard 20 mm wrist bands apparently. Here is an example.
Thank you
I found the strap to be a bit uncomfortable. You can replace it with another 20mm strap. I went with this one as I have it on a previous watch and find it comfortable.
A good example is also this one:

The native strap is silicone but the gray metal clip looks a bit too "cheap/old style" for me, so I replaced with the above, cheap too but (to me) way more modern looking.
Hello from the future that is 2024!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my observations on watch straps for the PineTime.

The band is 20mm, and there are plenty of watch straps that width.

The thing to look out for is the thickness of the lugs.  The Lug being where the watch strap attached to the watch face.  I prefer silicone and fabric straps, but many straps are made for open lugs like a traditional watch.  The PineTime has closed lugs, and several straps I bought I was not able to shove the strap into the face.

These are what I ended up with,
XFYELE Nylon Watch Band Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 6/5/4 40mm 44mm/Watch 6 Classic 43mm 47mm/Watch 5 Pro 45mm/Watch 4 Classic 42mm 46mm, 20mm Quick Release Replacement Sport Strap
Sorry for the SOE junk, but that is its name. 

It has plastic lugs holding a fabric strap, and the plastic fits fine into the face.

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