Camera is working on Linux
You need to enable the sensor in the DTS and compile it.
The lsmod looks just fine.

First, you need to find out which sensor you have, i doubt there is OV6650 (352- by 288-pixel array
??) for the pine.

Please, if you can share a picture of your sensor and FPC cable would be nice.

BTW, we need to ask @tllim about the slightly modified s5k4ec.ko in some Android build, i don't know who is in charge of that build, but Android SDK 2.0 has outdated driver. May be the visible artifacts shown can be fixed if we find additional info about this specific s5k4ec source code and the clock used.

Anyway, if someone can get that source code and timings used we can improve the driver.
The camera module looks like this and when attached like this

I found some info about compiling DTS from sunxi-wiki, but didn't find any sufficient instructions on how to do it. How do I enable and compile it?
I am also stuck. What is the role of apt-get install v4l-utils here?

In which log should I see exactly what that this video device has been detected as micko also says.
That is s5k4ec , same as mine. You need to enable this device in the DTS and compile it
Where i am right now i don't have access to the board, tomorrow i can share my DTB (the compiled DTS) with this device enabled.

v4l-utils are used get some info about the camera, set some parms,etc.
If you have s5k4ec enabled you should see some debugging message (dmesg), like [s5kec] init sensor... (something like that).

I will update the instructions and logs (and DTB) so it will easy the use of the camera, sorry i am out of town right now.
(06-30-2016, 04:29 AM)@lex Wrote: @micko
That is s5k4ec , same as mine. You need to enable this device in the DTS and compile it
Where i am right now i don't have access to the board, tomorrow i can share my DTB (the compiled DTS) with this device enabled.
Is there a guide or something about the DTS and how to compile it? I'm guessing it's the *.dts in /boot/pine64/, but how do I modify that? It looks like a binary file. I am quite familiar with compiling stuff myself but this is something I've never heard of.
Here is Basic instructions, should work with Debian / Ubuntu.
I did as you instructed and loading the modules worked. My dmesg from that operation

However starting guvcview crashes. Here's output on terminal

And here's dmesg from that

So no camera for me yet...
dmesg tell us Camera was recognized and is OK!

You are almost there, so now tell us a bit more about guvciew, how did you install it?

Print the output:
  * uname -ra
 * lsb_release -a
 * cat /etc/*release
 * cat /proc/version

Edit: Forgot to say DTB is for HDMI
Sorry for the intrusion; hope things are working better... I am wondering if anyone who has the camera connected and recognized successfully might post a close-in pic so that everyone can see how the cable is connected, side-up, side-down, and maybe some tips on the method that 'you' used to open the connector (or if you even did open it) and what your experience with that was... tnx

Quote:dmesg tell us Camera was recognized and is OK!

What lines exactly tell us that the Camera was recognized and is OK?

Also in GitHub there is a file "camera.cfg" where does that belong?


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