Pine Satellite Communications
Is there interest in a satellite one or two way communications capability from a future Pinephone, Pinephone add-on caseback, or connectable networkable peripheral device?

There was recently a clickbait article about an imaginary Apple phone #13 with LEO satcom included in the design, can we/do we want to make it actually happen on pinephone?

Some services need a small tube antenna like Iridium(also Delorne) and can perform 2-way communications including voice, data, and 'sms'.
Others like SPOT/Globalstar can send messages 1-way up to LEO satellites and the sending module is quite small to add to a caseback, you can currently buy a STX3 for about US$100.
Receiving messages from satellite can be done cheaply by leasing a transponder and sending a very tight low bandwidth signal over a loss tolerant protocol to the satellites footprint, the receiver hardware could be built into a phone or caseback or a wireless linked earth station  There is also 2-way and rx only options from

What services would be most desired?(I think 2 way cheap SMS like service when terrestrial telephone or LAN is unavailable)
I doubt we could shoehorn fast data or even phonecalls cheaply even from the forthcoming LEO(low earth orbit) comsats especially since most will be using secret proprietary hardware and encoding and for example the Starlink box is pretty big.

Knowing this community there are probably other options that would fit in a phone I am missing.

Let us hear your pinephone related satellite communications ideas, hopes, and dreams.
Checkout this blog:

I really suspect we are talking about *years* down the line if this project is fruitful.
(08-30-2021, 10:52 AM)barray Wrote: Checkout this blog:

I really suspect we are talking about *years* down the line if this project is fruitful.

Very interesting.  I like the free and open aspect as I have played with amateur radio satellite for many years, and being open my favorite old bird AO-10 was allegedly used by Polish dissidents to communicate during the 80s bypassing the Soviet occupation forces.
But like amateur radio sats your hardware needs a ride to orbit.

This below was the discussion about a clickbait fake story re: Apple phone satcom.

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