Which PineNote would you prefer?
without modem as announced
internal 3g/5g modem, higher price
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What sort of peripherals would you like to see for the PineNote? Internal 3g/5g modem
i wonder why is it 3g/5g modem, something bad with lte/4g!

i'm going to vote with modem, although this device is not high priority. there was good arguments also not to have it as well.

if modem is going to be there, device should have capability to make ordinary operator based phone calls. however, ear based calls are not necessary, so calls with headphones or speakers.

i was thinking some kind of pinephablet some time ago. but not this big though.
Perhaps it's just me, but I don't see the need to have an internal modem.
I don't have the need for always connected services on the PineNote.
It has Wifi and when I really need something urgent on the go, I can use my phone as a hotspot.

Back in the days Archos G9 tablets had a slot for 3g USB dongles.
The antennas were in the dongle, but they were bigger than the average USB stick.
(08-20-2021, 05:52 AM)zetabeta Wrote: i wonder why is it 3g/5g modem, something bad with lte/4g!

3G is getting shut off (in the US) in the near future. Anything new that uses 3G is going to be obsolete. 3G has been around for 20 years, and we've had more than a decade to jump to 4G LTE.

I would like a slot for a M.2 device.. Probably only 30mm/42mm length. That way we can slide in a 4G/5G MODEM, updated WiFi module, or LoRaWAN. The range might not be perfect, but the option would be nice.

And in specialized cases, someone could install different peripherals, like a M.2 NVMe card for storage of graphic novels.

The second thing I would have liked to seen, is a series of 4 gold dots on one edge, perhaps bottom edge. This would be for USB 2 port and charging. Then we can have a docking station that supplies power AND possibly wired network, (over the USB 2 pair). My Samsung tablet has such. Even my old HP TouchPad from 2010 had a docking station that charged it.
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale
The primary peripheral I want is me.  And something that stretches time and gives me the spare time to develop for it.

For me, wifi / bluetooth is plenty.  With a suitable external application, I "could" use the pinetab to guide a presentation rather than using a glowy tablet.  Yeah, color, but if it's *my* presentation then I already know what's going on.

And an e-ink tablet would just be cooler.

I can't think of many hardware peripherals I want.  epaper ain't fast, and I don't want one for playing videos, etc.  I can see a LTE/GSM modem being useful for people way off-grid (through hikers, etc.) who need to keep in touch every once in a while.  But the power drain kills the epaper advantage unless it's ultra-low duty cycle.  Plain LTE's session handshakes are too long and eat too much power.  Honestly the M and NB1 variants are lower but still painful.  Those protocols appear the only commercial options in the US.  We have practically no LoRaWAN or Sigfox (?) build-out.
I agree that NO modem is preferable. In fact, no wifi or wireless at all, or at least the ability to physically turn off wifi/bluetooth would be my preference. Airgapped machines are hard to come by these days, and practically nonexistent in this form factor, let alone epaper. I mean to use this device as a secure journal/2fa device.
For KEYBOARD, I made a post in the accessories subforum about my dream peripheral. A low-profile split keyboard that fit flush against the BACK of the tablet, facing outward. This way when holding the device in landscape, my fingers would hover over a full set of keys on the back of the device. This would work with how I naturally hold large tablet devices. On either side of the face of the tablet would be a few front-facing thumb accessible keys. This would be possible to prototype extremely easily with current open source pcb files and off the self components, and a little bit of velcro!
My fantasy is to be able to touch type at high speed, and not have to do all of the typing with my thumbs a la blackberry style keyboard.
I've yet to see an epaper display that can keep up with my *typing*.  Don't shoot for what the technology cannot provide.
(08-17-2021, 04:50 AM)Sirius Wrote: I also prefer to not have a modem. My general experience is that its better if the e-note device follows the philosophy to decrease distractions and not having a browser for surfing the web or an E-Mail client. Sometimes limiting functionality helps. From my point of view creating a device that has a specific purpose instead of having fucntions for everything is better.

On the other hand, a modem would be needed for education purposes (teaching). In the way Quirklogic is doing it. But this whole topic of collaboration is for me a little bit more far away.

In fact I want this e-reader to browse on the Internet and in the announcement they said that this e-reader is more than just only a typical reader.
If I don't want a internal modem, nobody wants it.
Many people go out from their houses and the security is much better with an internal modem than with a public wifi. 
No distractions... a remarkable e-reader is better choice for you. It's stupid cutting the potential of this tablet because you don't want distractions.
SD card reader gets my vote and an airplane mode to turn wifi and bluetooth off when not required.
Having a sdcard reader can make software upgrades a lot easier than wifi especially for recovery mode.

No modem please or option for no modem.

Is there a light sensor for auto brightness control?
The PineNote introduction is exciting to me. I can't wait to find out about battery life.
I would use it mostly for reading textbooks, writing/notetaking and audio playback (music, teaching, etc.)
I'm imagining a kindle-like device with bash, awk, and gcc, and it's looking excellent.

But I don't really want an internal modem.

Here's what I'd like to see:

  • I'm happy with the bluetooth and wifi. I would use the bluetooth primarily for a keyboard and audio connections. I type a lot, and this would be ideal for the long bus rides (well, like the  ones that I used to take pre-COVID!...)
  • No modem, please, because of the *significant* power requirements. Battery life is important for me.
  • I'm with Arwen Evenstar , I like the idea of gold dots for a dock with wired network. The gold dots are not a deal breaker.

  • The 128gb flash is way more than I can foresee myself using, since it doesn't look great for video.
  • As someone already mentioned, a card reader could be useful for transferring files. This is not a deal breaker for me, though.

  • The 16-shade grayscale is great. I hope that it can be used in white-on-black mode, if that's a thing.
  • I don't know the techniques for this sort of display, but I imagine the software generating colors that are converted to grayscale just before display. Some way to display to a bigger screen is attractive, but I wouldn't pay more than $20.00 for it.

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