Pinephone no video through HDMI
Hi guys,

    I've bough a pine phone 2 months ago(approx) that doesn't outputting video through HDMI, it doesn't matter if I use the convergence adapter or other adapters(like ANKER USB-C adapters), I'm aware the same issue that has been reported by so many other users in this forum and unfortunately there's non advances from the pine64 hardware and software designer team, I'm know this is a beta phone/test device, but even on this phase of the product its crucial at least to have more info about this issue coming from the designer team[not the community/testers], I'm aware of the theories that exist around this issue(DRAM freq., lack of support to the USB PMIC driver) but again beyond this, first of all the HW team should post if they've changed something on the recipe on this batch(replace/remove some resistors, capacitors, inductor, active device, routing, etc) to certainly track from where this issue came from and help to the whole community and even to help the actual development. I really like the device.... but anyway.

btw I'll leave two different dmesg logs(I've used the 3.5mm FTDI serial adapter for extracting it):



I hope someone else could have more info about/advances of this and even if someone has already fixed it, please let me know.
did you flash the working firmware in the hdmi-to-usb chip after receiving the phone?
(08-11-2021, 03:46 PM)james8880 Wrote: I am making this a new post on this topic so that the post stands out more.  I had replied to someone and the reply was not so visible.

----- below is what was in my reply ----

If you are able to try what I posted here (as user "sssmack" ), let me know how it goes.  I am curious whether it works for you.  You can try it with your Pine64 hub. I had issues with my pine hub and so I got one made by Ankler that had no issues.  But read my post because there was more for me to work out than only the hub.

Hi James,

Thank you for replying, well I've tried all the same steps you showed but unfortunately none of them works, and with all steps, I mean all of what you've posted here, I used the same OS Version than you.

Additional to that I tried with:
+ Different OS (all the OS and its version other people recommended on this forum).
+ Different power adapters:
     1) ANKER Power Port6
     2) Power Port II PD (can pump different current levels thorugh PD or IQ port)
     3) Aukei QC 3.0
     4) PowerBank Aukey PB-T3 with QC 2.0 (can pump different current levels through Fast Charge port and Quick Charge 2.0 Port)
That means there was plenty of power to be used by the phone. I also tried manually changing the PD current limit and set it to different levels 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A.

+ Different battery levels --> 10%::5%::100%
+ Different USB Cables:
     1) Apple USB Type-C
     2) Amazon Basics USB A to Type-C 3.1 Gen2
     3) Original/Included USB Cable(Red one)
     4) USB Case logic cable 3.0 A to to C
     5) Generic USB Type-C A to C 2.0

+ Different HDMI TVs and Monitors.
+ And last but not least I come back to an old OS per one user recommended on this forum, and manually flashed the latest FW for the ANX7688

I don't really want to explain how exactly I've conduced each of the tests, but belive me it was more than enough: rebooting with adapter('convergence pack' and 'Anker HUB'), without the adapter('convergence pack' and 'Anker HUB'), with the external PSU(different chargers), with different battery levels, with different cables a mix between each other, etc.] and for godsake it looks like there's no combination on this world that can make this phone shows any video output through the HDMI.

As a result the DP state never went all the way up to 0x06, only reach 0x03 and that's all.

And again James, thank you for replying.
So if you or someone else has more ideas, they're welcome.

BTW: I don't know what happened to the previous links, but here they are:


         Power Adapter
         Power Adapter
Hi guys, I don't what happened with James message on this post, but I did what you recommend me to do(flash again with mobian(the version you recommended) and plug the phone to the HDMI at 35% of battery charge but nothing, I get no video, the only thing I can say is this motherboard doesn't output any video through HDMI, maybe in the future I'll troubleshoot this thing at board level to see if there's something wrong with it that could lead the software always get stuck at 0x03(I suspect this, but I can not confirm until I do the troubleshooting, but for now everything points to that, that's my theory).

And one more thing, to answer your question @mouffa I didn't reflashed the phone upon arrival (that means with the factory software I plugged the converge package adapter to the phone to try the HDMI but it didn't works(it didn't output any video signal), so at that point I didn't flashed anything, I flashed the phone only after I found out the phone didn't worked even with the 'ANKER Hub', at the point I realize something was possible wrong with the phone itself, and is when I started with all the validations I posted before before[which includes so many OS('reflash') and anx7688 driver reinstallation]).

But anyways, for now that's all, thanks to all the guys who tried to help.

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