SIP for gnome calls

Checked out d0194fe53464f3bd97a14f8e32e3ab9a367a3985

Built as per

Setup an account config as per merge request.

Incoming calls work.

Can dial from console (See for an example of dialing)

Can *Cannot*(edit) dial from UI or return calls from UI. However, this could be a VoIP provider issue as my VoIP provider does not use the standard ports (i.e. 5060).

EDIT (28 April 2021):
Made some changes to plugins/sip/calls-sip-origin.c to ensure that the sip: prefix, VoIP/SIP host and relevant port is included in any numbers submitted. Seems to be working well.
Also made some more changes regarding registration intervals given the requirements of my VoIP provider.
I will test for a good week before submitting the patch upstream.
That's cool! I am eager to test it once it gets into Mobian stable.

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