PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
(01-24-2022, 07:15 PM)Merc Wrote: One strange thing I noticed which may have just been a coincidence is that when the keyboard battery was turned on the USB-C would not work on the phone until I turned the keyboard battery off. For example I plug in a USB-C dongle into the phone and connect a mouse, the mouse will not work when the keyboard battery is on.

I have an idea it may happen because keyboard's battery powers the phone through pogo pins of the very same power bus where phone's USB connector is also connected (and that is the reason they told not to use both type-c ports together for charging).

So at phone's side it looks to be powered over its USB connector, so probably connected to a charger --> it is a charger connected and not a device.
When a device is connected, phone should supply power (OTG mode) to the device and behaves like a host instead of a device.

I don't know currently how the phone determines if it has to be a host or a device and how to set to appropriate mode (so phone should not power the bus but behave like a host and not a device).

Anyway, currently my keyboard is at local post office where I should go to pick up (they have not tried to come to my house with it).
Just received my keyboard yesterday, bigger than I thought but not huge. It's super cool, letting it charge for a while before I try to use it. Is there a way to tell that it's charging? IT would make sense to go through the keyboard first and then the phone so that way if the phone is charged to 100% then the whole thing would be. That'd be good enough for me. Just want to get the most out of it. Pro phone arriving on Monday, super stoked about using it, and I think Ill probably get one or two of the other backplanes to mess with. LoRa for sure, maybe wireless, maybe wait and see what people cobble together, if anything and either buy or make something a little different. The idea of tripling the battery on a pinephone is super cool, even if the keyboard eats some of that (guessing not very much, it doesn't look like it has a ton of fancy features which is fine, I just love the idea of a pocketable console)
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs
Still waiting on mine to leave china since 14 Jan.

I was all in on Pine but slow delivery, poor customer service really are irritating.

Here's to hoping that all improves soon.

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ordered mine on 9th Aug... shipping by FedEx returned to sender... still waiting for reply from pine64shop....

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