Selling Phone- KDE edition 2Gb variant (some use) [SOLD]
Hello all,
A few months ago I got the KDE edition and now my carrier is dropping support for it and I am having less time to tinker than I would like. So I am selling it. I am based out of NC, USA.

It is the 2Gb variant (so original price was around 150) and I have somehow lost the original cable that came with it, so it includes:

The pinephone
Original box
16 Gb SD card (with Arch installed and default credentials) [eMMC works, but I'm trying to make up for the lost original cable]
non-official USB-C if desired [at no extra cost since it typically comes with one]

I'm asking for USD$100+shipping, but I'm willing to negotiate especially if shipping is outrageous.

Attached are pictures of the phone's exterior, and interior as well as the login page of the distro proving that it works. I can provide more pictures/video upon request.

Note: There is a slight marking on the provided screen protector which is kind of hard to see in the image. It's superficial and doesn't affect functionality and you can remove the plastic coat if you wish.

I'd prefer to deal with someone in the US, but I am open to international people as well, just send me PM.

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ok, sold

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