Order process and updates?
When I bought my Pinebook Pro absolutely nothing happened for about three weeks until I emailed sales, and then then almost immediately I got an email that it had been shipped.
Could have been coincidence, or it could be that they had just forgotten about my order?  I'll probably never know.
Last week (March 29th) I placed an order for a Pinephone with Convergence package.
Again I have heard nothing.
Should I just leave it? or harass them a bit?
(04-05-2021, 06:55 AM)ncc Wrote: 1. have you read the "Estimated dispatch in late April 2021" part on their site?

Ah ok, yes it says that here https://pine64.com/product/pinephone-bet...smartphone. I was looking at https://www.pine64.org/shipping/

(04-05-2021, 06:55 AM)ncc Wrote: 2. did you got the "Your PINE STORE order has been received!" email after ordering?

Yes I did, but I also got a very similar email when I ordered the Pinebook Pro and that didn't mean that much in the end.

Anyway the conclusion is that there is no point worrying about it until at least the end of April, which is fine. Thanks.
Last week I had a phone call and the person asked me if I understood that I would have to pay import duties and VAT.
Obviously I say yes that's great.
This suggests that Pine64 have had some bad experiences with this which doesn't reflect well on us, their customers, I guess.
My understanding is that if someone refuses to pay duties then it would have to be shipped back to HongKong at Pine64s expense. Please don't do that folks.
At the beginning of the week I got an email with a DHL tracking number and my PinePhone currently appears to be on a plane from HongKong to London.

Nice, thanks Pine64.
(04-28-2021, 11:12 AM)dieselnutjob Wrote: Last week I had a phone call and the person asked me if I understood that I would have to pay import duties and VAT.

But It would be against PayPal policy to charge you extra after ordering. PayPal policy state that once you paid it's final and no other charge may apply. Might work differently in Europe tho I don't know I Live in Canada

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