Complain about all the PINE 64 "issues here" - let's have a bit of fun /snark
This thread is not started, supported, and probably even read by anyone from the PINE64 "management", however, here's a place we can all bitch and complain about all things PINE64. Post don't have to be realistic, are able to be solved by any human being.

I'll start with:

Why are PIN64 products not available on Amazon Prime? Everyone and their brother has their stuff on Amazon Prime, why can't the PINE64 folks do the same? I'm sure if I was running production I could get PINE64 products on Amazon Prime in less then 3 weeks.

NOTE: If the admins delete this thread, I'm not going to be upset, since it was created in the same vane as an April Fools joke.

Cheer's and just hurry up and wait for PINE64 XXX to get to you, the wait is worth it. Tongue

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