Screen is blank on pinecil - did I kill it?
I was using my pinecil today to do some soldering, I was running it off of my power bank cause I thought it would be enough power.  I ended up having issues with one of the larger components so I decided to pull out my AC adapter that I have to get some extra power.

I have a 24v AC adapter that I had bought for my TS100.  I plugged that up and when I plugged it into the pinecil I got nothing.  I then plugged it back into the power bank and the screen was still blank.

I do have a USB power meter plugged in between the power bank and the pinecil.  It shows 5v 0.3a when plugged in, so it's not completely dead.

I plugged my TS100 into the AC adapter and it worked fine.  I know they now recommend 21v max now, but I was under the impression it could handle the 24v just fine.  I am assuming this is my issue since it worked fine until I switched power supplies, but would that cause what I am experiencing?  Is there any place to buy replacement screens for the pinecil?  I know I can buy screens for the TS100, are the compatible?

Open to any and all suggestions.  Thank you.
Hey! Did you get an answer to this? I did the same with the same result and am not sure if I need a new one
Hi Gents, 

Same thing happened to me.  I can get the Pinecil to flash over dfu mode...  where you able to revive it? 

Maybe hop over to the GitHub discussion if you're still trying to fix it....


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