Where is the keyboard @ key on pinebook pro?
The best Shark vacuum for pet hair - shark ion r75 review

Shark is one of the leading vacuum brands that provide customers with a broad range of well-crafted machines, and the shark ion robot™ 750 is no exception. It’s equipped with some latest technologies that set it apart and allow users to tackle all sorts of dirt and debris on multiple floor types. In this review, we’ll take you through its pros and cons, then evaluate its performance. So read on as we explore more!

1.Pros and cons


• Excellent sensor system

• Easy-to-use app

• Multi-surface brush roll

• Extended run time (90 minutes)

• Slim profile to clean under low furniture


• Struggle with large debris

• It does not offer many cleaning modes

2. Easy setup

The Best Shark For Pet Hair should be made for usability with a straightforward setup, and the rv750 Shark is not an exception. Simply plug it in, settle it in the charging dock, then download the app, connect the bot to the app and you’re all set.

To start vacuuming, you only need to press the giant clean button on the app’s home screen. Alternatively, you can also use the Schedule tab to set dates and times so that it can start automatically. The History tab lets you view cleaning time and the number of cleaning cycles once vacuuming is done.

[Image: PyZ46Ux.jpg]

3. Brush Roll and Side Brushes

A Shark vacuum for pet hair should possess robust suction control to pick up pet fur from all corners of the house. Thanks to dual side brushes, the R75 has an unsurpassed performance. They spin at a rapid pace to pull pet hair and other debris into the suction vent.

Thanks to detangling technology, this robot’s large brush roll can maintain itself, meaning it can loosen long hair strands on its own. With strong bristles, the machine can pick up dust, dirt, debris, and dander with little effort, making it the Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair.

3. Smart sensor system

A well-engineered sensor system is what sets robot vacuums apart. The R75 is outfitted with various sensors so that it can detect stairs and furniture.

The proximity sensors (or collision sensors) are located around the perimeter of the robot. It allows this machine to navigate landscapes, detect any objects, people, pets, and other obstacles in its path. Whenever this device detects any objects, it will slow down. The front caster wheel works effectively in helping the machine avoid hitting any objects that it senses.

The dirt detection sensors sit near the brush bar and detect how much dirt is in a particular area, then send signals to the robot to let it know when the place is clean.

4. Advanced filtration system

If I were asked, “Which shark vacuum is best for pets?” I would say it should be the one equipped with a HEPA filter. Aside from suction power, a pet-friendly vacuum should have well-made filters so that it can pick up even the tiniest allergy-causing particles in the air. The R75 is such a machine, as it can trap the smallest microns and prevent them from returning to the air of your space.

[Image: 3R3fwB0.jpg]

5. Run time

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the robot provides you with consistent and unwavering suction strength, ensuring excellent performance on multiple floor types. After fully charged, it can last for about 90 minutes, depending on how intensive it has to work. The machine is also equipped with a battery-level indicator light that tells you how much battery is left.


The Shark R75 - What Is The Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair is well-built with side brushes to tackle multiple cleaning tasks with ease. The machine’s self-cleaning brush roll sets you free from the annoyance of tangled hair, while its low height can thoroughly clean under furniture effortlessly. No corners of your house will be left untouched.
Which version of they keyboard do you have? ISO (tall enter) or ANSI (enter same height as other keys)? The US and UK keynboard layouts have @ and " swapped with each other so it sounds like you are using a US layout on a UK keyboard or vice versa.

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