broken connector-pin for the accu
Hallo together,
after 3 weeks testing the phone with different OS - today happend a tiny damage with substantial effect.
The left of 4 contacts broke and the phone is sadly unusable.
When I look at the expanded mainboard I think it would be possible to replace the contact-group by soldering. But where to get such part? Or must I buy a new PCB?

You're looking for J600 - it seems like there might be at least 2 manufacturers. As to where to get them in small quantities, I'm not sure. You can try your local equivalent of Mouser, DigiKey, RS, Farnell, Newark etc. or see what's on offer on Ali, ebay etc.
to be honest i doubt that you will be able to get the original part somewhere.

... but i had a closer look at the connector and tried to find out some specs to search for possibly equivalent parts.
So it seems the pitch of the battery connector is metric -> 2.5mm.
Obviously it's a part with 4 activ contacts and 2 solder joints... and it's a 90° type.

I found this one at Digikey:

This is no exact replacement, but you may consider this as a reference for further investigations Shy

Good luck!

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