No ability to cancel out of Applications in Both KDE Plasma AND Mobian
Basic Wrote:
The3DmaN Wrote:
Basic Wrote:OK I have Arch Linux on it now...can make SMS and Phone calls, AND I can swipe out of Apps.  Cool 

Not sure if it made the difference, but I used Trisquel 9 ( vs. 7) with the jump drive and it uses a different version of Archive manager.

I am keeping the thread open for now...just in this is not the first time I thought I had the solution...only to have a major issue.

Thanks to all, but a special thank you to The3DmaN. Big Grin

Glad to see its working for you on Arch. Arch is pretty stable (still some bugs) and in my opinion the best working distro right now. It is also updated quite frequently as well. Just type the below into the terminal to fetch and apply updates:
sudo pacman -Syyu

I will try that in the near future, the only thing that is is reporting issues is Lollypop... Mucho Gracias Amigo
Well ARCH froze up on me. Could not get past the log in screen.

I did not update as the phone was working fine until 2 days ago, phone was just fine in the day, something went wonky at night. Wifi dip switch was in the "off" all I need is a phone for calls and SMS. I did change the root password early on. 

I also am having issues with the pine support site in updating this issue, cant log in with my current password, and not able to reset at this time.  Confused  

I am on the fence as to what distro/ OS to try next, or re-install ARCH.

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