Spinlock Lock after Firmware Update
Was running nextCloudPi on Armbian 21.02.1 stable, headless. Board: v3 w/ 4G
No issue for over a couple of months, 5A power, htop would indicate temps in the 36-45 range.

Today (2021-02-09) Installed the Armbian configuration utility and conducted an update on the board firmware.
Currently unable to complete a boot of the OS.
It appears to be having issues sometime after starting the Network manager.

A failure is flagged when attempting to start the network interfaces.

After either the starting of the Network Manager or the Setup of the zram based device zram2 messages similar to the following are generated:
BUG: spinlock suspected on CPU#0, armbian-hardwar/667
BUG: spinlock suspected on CPU#2, ln/670
    lock: 0xffffffc0fec1c0, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: <none/-1, . .owner_cpu: -1
BUG: spinlock suspected on CPU#3, ln/679
    lock: 0xffffffc0fec1c0, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: <none/-1, . .owner_cpu: -1
    lock: 0xffffffc0fec1c0, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: <none/-1, . .owner_cpu: -1
BUG: spinlock suspected on CPU#1, migration/1/12
    lock: 0xffffffc0fec1c0, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: <none/-1, . .owner_cpu: -1

Then it locks up...

Any suggestion or guidance would be appreciated.
The only thing I could suggest to do is download the latest Armbian image and do a fresh install. Hopefully you haven't bricked your board with a firmware upgrade.
On further investigation it looks like your SD card is gone bad. Either way install the latest Armbian image on a different SD card and see if the board will boot now.
(02-11-2021, 09:36 AM)Rocklobster Wrote: The only thing I could suggest to do is download the latest Armbian image and do a fresh install. Hopefully you haven't bricked your board with a firmware upgrade.

Thanks for the guidance!
Put a fresh install on another card and was able to boot.  Took awhile for the initial boot to complete...  Was able to boot and updated the software.

Wanting to try and potentially resurrect the other card/install (so I'd not have to completely lose the NextCloudPi configuration) I then placed the previous card into the unit, applied power and it started the boot sequence but promptly "froze" after it failed to start the Armbian ZRAM config.
[FAILED] Failed to start Armbian ZRAM config.
See 'systemstl status armbian-zram-config.service' for details.
            Starting Armbian memory supported logging...
[  OK  ] Started udev Kernel Device Manager
[     57.930166] systemd[1]" Caught <SEGV>, dumped core as pid 417.
[     57.936217] systemd[1]: Freezing execution.

I understand there are a number of dependencies on each of the version and the configuration between the releases, any thoughts or guidance on what files that could be updated when dealing with the "Armbian ZRAM Config"? At this point it appears that I may need to start over to ensure a stable NextCloudPi machine but figured I'd ask...

Appreciate the assistance!
I stick with the stock Armbian Distro. Support for this board isn't great these days but maybe someone else will jump in with a suggestion. Glad to see the board wasn't bricked though.

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