What native PinePhone application would you like to see in the near future?
(02-23-2021, 07:44 PM)TRS-80 Wrote: I have been pretty impressed with KeePassXC on desktop Debian for a little while now, but I have no idea how that might work (if it works at all) on mobile.
I tried it (it's what I use on Ubuntu desktop), it's unusable on the Pinephone because it has not been adapted to mobile. The window is wider than the display so many parts of the UI aren't visible. Tried portrait/landscape mode to no avail. I don't remember if I tried the trick from the Mobian wiki to force resizing, but most of the time it scales text as well and it becomes tiny, text menus are impossible to tap on. Then I tried Password Safe from the Debian repo - it's not the same program as the one from Flathub. It's older, and not compatible with KeePass databases.

For me, Password Safe (from Flathub) is a solid alternative and fits my need.
(02-23-2021, 11:42 PM)neil_swann80 Wrote: A decent BitTorrent client would be a boon.

I have yet to receive my PinePhone, so correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming it's just GNU/Linux, although of course many apps will not be adapted to a mobile friendly UI.  Amirite?

And if that's true, shouldn't something like Transmission (the server part) work out of the box?  If you meant an all in one solution (including a GUI) than I take your point.  Although, pretty sure they have a web interface, too...
(02-26-2021, 11:26 AM)TRS-80 Wrote:
(02-23-2021, 11:42 PM)neil_swann80 Wrote: A decent BitTorrent client would be a boon.

I have yet to receive my PinePhone, so correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming it's just GNU/Linux, although of course many apps will not be adapted to a mobile friendly UI.  Amirite?

And if that's true, shouldn't something like Transmission (the server part) work out of the box?  If you meant an all in one solution (including a GUI) than I take your point.  Although, pretty sure they have a web interface, too...

I installed Transmission, and it appeared to work fine when scale-to-fit was enabled.
A Jitsi application would be nice. (Jitsi is an open-source alternative to meeting software like Zoom.) It does work via a web browser on desktop systems but something designed specifically for the mobile screen would be preferable. There are Android and IOS versions of the Jitsi application but not for Linux phones as far as I know.
(02-10-2021, 09:31 PM)gamerminstrel Wrote: The biggest thing keeping me attached to my Android phone currently is that all of my friends use Discord. Theyre just not interested in trying anything else, yet the .deb package and the web version of Discord are optimized for desktop
On my pinephone I also installed MATE. Xfce works great too. The benefit of having a desktop session in addition to phosh is that you can run desktop apps in a desktop environment. You need to also install onboard (virtual keyboard) and lightdm, enable the use of the virtual keyboard in lightdm, and disable the phosh greeter.
What I would like/need made native for the pinephone with available sources:

a good podcast/audiobook app

a good app to interface Pebble watch
example adaptation for N900
gadgetbridge is an android app for many smart watches and bands, code can be scavenged for additional functions

Bittorrent client

Kodi, popular plugin based multimedia services, needs to be up to date

open media player for N900/Maemo5 ready for handheld devices, good starting point

anbox, install android APKs like AlienDalvik, for some users sandboxed banking, transit, and other apps are needed for everyday, phone
microG to fix apps looking for play services

manga DL/reader or at least downloader and use another reader

stellarium, fun for stargazing and other celestial computation
Orrery is great and light on the N900 and includes celestial navigation, you can navigate without GPS using a sextant 

Andie Graph, emulator for TI calculators

Briar, an amazing IM using TOX protocol with emergency bluetooth or wifi point-to-point network down modes

Signal, a very well respected secure and private messaging app

satellite tracking
this is old(old linux Zaurus PDA) but is great and super lightweight

Some amateur radio software
GQRX is lightweight and can control RX from RTL-SDR and HackRF
CHIRP to program radios

Arduino IDE would be great for field reprogramming several embedded architectures

SIgrock and pusleview GUI for interfacing with several logic analyses Oscilloscopes, etc

3D printing and design:
3d editing, export .stl
Slice 3D model files for 3D printers
printer interface, use the pinephone to manage a 3d printer

Kiwix, for offline wikipedia and other wikimedia usage

mupen64, play N64 ROMs gives the pinephone several hundred games

penguin racer, great way to demo opengl

OBD to diagnose standard car interface and urn off check engine light

easy gui bluetooth tethering as host and client is key
video and 3D acceleration optimization to play up to HD media files and streams
battery optimization
night mode redshift colors
openvpn gui in network

(02-04-2021, 12:38 AM)hiimtye Wrote: I would like for at least one of the browsers to support DRM decoding for Netflix, Disney Plus, etc

it'd be cool if Anbox worked better, too. then "what Android app do you miss" would be a moot question.
there are official plugins for Kodi from at least Netflix.
Just to reference what already exists (sorry for the shameless self plug):

Some of the things mentioned above already are a reality: briar-gtk is phone optimized, Kiwix and Stellarium work well enough. Anbox is not listed, but it works (at least on some distributions).
blog | app list | co-host of PineTalk
Some remotes for MPD and KODI. I currently use anbox/mpdroid kore for that purpose… I've tried ario with fit-to-scale but it isnt that good.

A complet «kde-connect» stuff, (or gs-connect, or whatever-connect) implementation in order to answer sms (and maybe calls : through pulseaudio module-native-protocol-tcp, it could be possible to send the micro input of the laptop to the phone and the phone output to the laptop over an ethernet connexion i guess…)

A strava-like app.
Source for Kore(android(not x11) network remote control for OSMC/Kodi app)

Also for those who have paid accounts here are the pay service plugins for Kodi:
*DIsney plus

Lastly if you need older source for a very large number of mobile tuned apps perfect for Maemo Leste but also for other X11 mobile apps the Maemo Garage for N900 and older Nokia tablets is a great place to look.
This is important and probably should be most people's first choice for easy to build/already on the repo IM/video chat on linux systems considering we are the types to put hardware switches onto our telephone's modem and cameras.
Qtox, is a FOSS tox IM, voice and video chat app, it is NOT tied to your phone number and is very secure
Signal might be secure and private but at registration it still automagically spams you out to all of your contacts with signal and it is tied to your telephone number.

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