Pinebook 14 " Battery Swollen/Bulged
My Pinebook 14" Laptop device case burst apart from 5 screws which attached the bottom to the keyboard top portion.  The faulty swollen battery broke apart both of the monitor's hinges along with its plastic screw-holes.  So the monitor is also separated from the base. 

The full device repair is not financially worth it.

My laptop was received in June 2017 and was recharged less than 100 times.

I believe the Pinebook 14" Laptop model is no longer available and is probably discontinued.

I charged the device to about 90% before I went to bed at night on Monday January 11th and the next day in the afternoon, I noticed the bulged laptop case separated and cracked from its seams. I did not smell any fumes nor did I feel any heat from the laptop as I put it away the night before.  

I am not sure if this subject has come up in another thread as my searches under the search function indicates zero threads.
(01-12-2021, 09:36 PM)billjon Wrote: I am not sure if this subject has come up in another thread as my searches under the search function indicates zero threads.

I don't know about PineBooks, but somebody with a PineTab had a similar issue:

This is generally what scares me about these larger lithium polymer batteries - personally I prefer to work with lithium ion hard shell batteries - but that of course doesn't work for the form factor.

I suspect it was a manufacturing issue with the battery that's slowly developed, rather than a piece of hardware that has failed. These LiPos have a relatively high failure rate and I highly doubt Pine really do anything to test them in any sense (especially given the selling price).

I don't know what recourse you have for getting your machine repaired/replaced. I would hope that Pine would want to test the motherboard to see if there was some power management failure of the battery, but it didn't look like they wanted to test the PineTab, so who knows?

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