All White Screen on Manjaro I3
I'm running a Pinebook Pro with Manjaro and I3 window manager. Yesterday, on startup, I logged in and after the desktop displayed, the screen went all white. I waited about a minute and powered off the PBP, waited about 30 seconds, and powered it backup and logged in. No problems.  I shutodown the PBP when I was done and this morning, I ran into the same white screen problem. Again, Shutdown, wait, restart, desktop working. I'm installing updates. I did a quick search to see if this is a known problem lately, but didn't see anything right away.  Any one else have this problem? Any idea what's going on or can point me to a post where this is addressed?
Possibly solved: It appears to be the lock screen, which used to be something else. I typed my password, and got back in.

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