Spurious headphone detection interrupts
(02-13-2021, 05:21 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: I'm not positive; but I do recall reading a warning about it before buying the cable that I bought.

According to this thread, the serial cable sold by Pine64 is pretty much unusable because it uses wrong voltage level.  Why is Pine64 selling it if the voltage is wrong?  That's absurd, so I've updated the wiki page to include a warning notice.

(02-13-2021, 08:21 PM)xyzzy Wrote: The driver supports pretty much every uart to usb chip there is.  I've yet to find an unsupported one.

My question was whether FT232RL and FT232R are actually the same thing.
Thanks for finding out that "DAC Stereo Enhancement" is why audio on the PBP has been *atrocious* Smile

Music actually sounds correct now! I thought there was a bad equalizer or something being applied by the PBP codec for like a week now... thanks for solving this for me!
You're welcome.  I'm glad that it was helpful.

By the way, that feature should be named "DAC Stereo Deterioration" instead. Smile

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