touchpad on pinebook issues?
KDE Plasma Workspaces

enter KDE System Settings
choose Hardware / Input Devices / Touchpad (If it's not there, install kcm_touchpad first, then restart System Settings. It's installed by default.)
select the Tapping tab
check the "Enable tapping" checkbox
set some tapping actions under "Buttons" below, the default is to do nothing

So under my settings the touchpad option is there but nothing is selectable because it says no touchpad thinks the touchpad is a mouse..would the install kcm_touchpad fix this?

I guess I can give it a shot what do I do type sudo install kcm_touchpad in terminal?

well got into mouse settings and somehow i now have two finger scrolling! i clicked the invert scroll direction a couple of times and somehow it just came to life...still no pinch to zoom or tap click but the ability to scroll has made this thing much less painful to use haha

not sure what happened here, but ill take it. thanks for the help everyone
Yes, see if you can install that kcm_touchpad. If you can't install it that way, you can download it from github and there are simple instructions there. Then hopefully you get the touchpad settings. I keep seeing typical search results of threads where someone can't get it to work, and everyone suggests that, but I never see anyone say that it solved the problem, as per usual.

I don't know that the other laptops I use can pinch zoom; I'm pretty sure they don't but I guess I'll have to double-check when I get a chance.

Now I'll have to try what you did and see if NetBSD KDE responds. What irritates me is that when i first got my Pinebook (but mine is a Pro), the touchpad would not scroll in any of the linuces I tried, but it did work in ChromeOS and NetBSD. But I reinstalled NetBSD a few times and haven't gotten it working since. I wasn't using KDE originally and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Why not? Because I have twm, ctwm, XFCE, and Mate installed too, and none of them do scrolling either.
Tried a couple things from terminal, nothing worked out. Went to github. Saw this says it's already part of plasma..?
I know when I picked an os to install it said kde neon. The thing says plasma all over it, but on system settings it also says ubuntu. I am so lost with all this I thought kde neon was what I installed haha if so then I guess I already have the kcm_touchpad

So in summary, I'm not even sure of what operating system I have lol
I don't know where to begin looking for that file on your system. But here's how you can tell if you have it. Open a terminal window. Be yourself, not root.

Type "find / | grep kcm_touchpad" without the quotes.

That's going to give you a bunch of messages saying that it can't traverse certain directories. But if you have the file, it will tell you where it is.

I've read several places where people complained that they didn't have that file in Linux, with KDE Plasma. I have NetBSD with KDE Plasma, and I don't have the file.

Your operating system is a flavour ("distru") of GNU/Linux, called KDE Neon, which is a fork of Ubuntu, which is a fork of Debian. You have a Desktop Environment, which probably runs atop X (X11). The Desktop Environment that you use is the K Desktop Environment, or KDE. Plasma is the name for the typical configuration of KDE.

You could run Debian with KDE and everything would probably look the same, but would be less confusing under the hood. The advantage of Ubuntu though is that it's popular. I'm not sure if that's an advantage on the Pinebook.

For what it's worth, I tried checking/unchecking Reverse Scroll Direction on NetBSD in KDE (and XFCE) to no avail, unfortunately.
Awesome info. Yeah I'm not sure how it happened I tried everything trying to get it to scroll then bam works great. Wish I knew..

I'll get back to ya if I can figure anything out

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